TIG Welding Demo

Host Marty Escarcega

Saturday Aug 14th, 2004

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Jim Riser Doug Enrud Rick Sparber
Dale Schmidt Bart Hull Tom Davis
Neil Butterfield Dean Quackenbush Bob Marbor
Doug Ramerth Gene Neigoff John Cannon

The meeting started with a video provided by Dale from Mr. Tig (http://www.tigdepot.com/) short video on the machines, consumeables, type of TIG welding and materials including safety.

Rick Sparber then spoke to the group about welding safety, clothing, smoke and the environment we weld in. Flammables, clothing, eye protection, etc.

Bart Hull then presented and demonstrated TIG welding on Aluminum. The types of tungstens and filler rods used. Many got up to give Aluminum TIG a try.

Dale Schmidt followed by sharing his experiences in TIG'ing steel, stainless etc. He also demonstrated it. Several members gave TIG on steel a try.

Thanks To Bart, Dale and Rick for sharing their knowledge about TIG to the group. We are planning on holding a similar session at Toolcraft later this year or the first part of the new year!

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